I'm At water, are you?

Jonathan, Proudly born and raised Atlantan, REALTOR, obsessed with old European cars, classic homes, The Real Housewives (Not proud of it, but it is what it is.), and boring pastel colored clothes.

Anonymous asked: yeaaaah HGTV BITCHES ryde till u die


hell yes

fuck bitches, get income properties and lower your taxes

Welp, so I’m assuming this episode is about Chris Brown…

Anonymous asked: thanks. i'm blackish, so i think i'll be alright

Good luck lil nigga.

(Also, try to find the first episode… All of them tbh.)

Anonymous asked: ok, if i'm thinking about starting boondocks, what should i know?

If you can’t accept the flaws that going along with being an African American, and you will get butthurt when people point them out to you, then this is not the show for you.